When do we need to perform a heating system diagnosis?
Who should carry out this control?
What is included in the heating system diagnosis?
What do I need to prepare for our visit
What is the price for this service?
Why ask CertiBru to perform this control instead of your heating contractor?

When do we need to perform a heating system diagnosis?

This operation is mandatory. The goal is to inform you about the measures you could take to improve the energy efficient of the installation, to know the possible normative nonconformities of your installations, and to be informed in anticipation of a modernization or a replacement.

This diagnosis of the heating system must be made every 5 years only for type 2 installation (one boiler greater than 100 kW (100 kW included), or several boilers).

Who should carry out this control?

In French it is the RIT (responsable des installations technique) which means the person responsible for the technical installation. That is to say, the owner of the boiler, or the co-owners (represented by a property management company) in the case of a common boiler.

If the facility is subject to an environmental permit, then the person or the company which is licensed for this environment permit, who will carry on this responsibility.

What is included in the heating system diagnosis?

- An energy performance evaluation of the boiler(s) and the heating system.
- Information regarding compliance with applicable requirements depending on the type of heating system.
- The determination of the oversizing of the boiler or set of boilers.
- Advises on:
    - Replacement of boilers.
    - On other modifications to the heating system.
    - On the use of the heating system.
    - On the possible alternatives.

What do I need to prepare for our visit:

A heating system periodic inspection must be conducted within 12 months prior to diagnosis.

The following list is not mandatory, but is advisable to allow efficient and accurate diagnosis:

- The logbook of the installation.
- Energy consumption and hot water consumption of the last 3 years.
- General data on the building:
    - the plans of the building(s).
    - Year of construction of the building(s).
    - The list of descriptive work on the building(s) envelope.
    - The previous certificates.
    - The surface of the heated area.
    - The number of apartments.
    - The future projects planned.

What is the price for this service?

This price applies to all type 2 boilers (single or multi-family boiler(s) or collective(s) over 100 kW or multiple boilers).

Type de diagnoticPrice VAT includedPrice VAT excluded
The diagnosis following regulation according to articles 28 and 30 of the "Arrete du Gouvernement de la Region de Bruxelles-Capitale" [program audit H100].905,00747,93
presentation of the diagnosis to the board (maximum 2 hours on site).350,00289,26
3 boilers and more, a list of recommendations personalized according to the building, specifications, analysis of offers, supervision of works...contact us-

Why ask CertiBru to perform this control instead of your heating contractor?

We are 100% independent towards your heating contractor.
By using CertiBru, you are guaranteed of an independent work, always in accordance with the law and in your best interests.


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