Blower door tests can be performed on the entire Brussels-Capital Region and in the immediate periphery (eg Machelen, Zaventem, Kraainem, Tervuren, Beersel, Dilbeek, Wemmel, Vilvoorde...) on all types of property (apartment, house, local business).

In which cases do I need a blower door test?
What is the price of a blower door test?
The blower door test preparation

In which cases do I need a blower door test?

This test is mandatory to certify a passive apartment or house, but can have other interesting applications:

- Identify and be able to repair leakage problems in your home to save heat lost, protect the building, improving the acoustic efficiency and comfort by eliminating the uncomfortable airstream. Small leaks are easy to seal (silicone adhesive tapes ...) and are therefore inexpensive to repair for a significant result.

- Check the work done on the building envelope, such as during renovation of the roof or when installing new windows.

- Be able to improve the results of your EPC EPB certification.
The EPB certification takes into account the level of air tightness of your housing. If a blower door test is not available, the default rules imposed by the EPB is unfavourable. A real test will have 99 % chances to make a positive effect on the outcome of your home EPC certificate.

What is the price of a blower door test?

The price depends on the test preparation and the findings you need.

All interventions include:
- Travelling on site.
- Hardware installation and sealing the ventilation ducts.
- Two complete tests pressurization and depressurization following method A.
- Re-installing the ventilation ducts.
- A test report sent by email and by post.

The following table shows different possibilities. If you need another type of test, or more accurately do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

DescriptionTotal time on siteTime for leak detection *Price VAT includedPrice VAT excluded
tests of overpressure and depression for an area of approximately 300 sqm.2:00 hoursnone420,00347,11
tests of overpressure and depression for an area of approximately 500 sqm.2:30 hoursnone465,00384,30
tests + leak detection for an area of approximately 150 sqm.3:00 hoursyes : 1:00 hour590,00487,60
tests + leak detection for an area of approximately 300 sqm.3:30 hoursyes : 1:30 hours610,00504,13
tests + leak detection for an area of approximately 500 sqm.4:30 hoursyes : 2:00 hours720,00595,04

* Leak detections are performed using a smoke device and or a thermal camera depending on the configuration of the housing and climatic conditions.

The blower door test preparation

Information to be provided:

- As part of the EPB regulations, we need the rough surface of the walls loss of the housing (walls, facades, roof, floor). If you make an EPB EPC certificate with us, we will calculate these surfaces for you. The result is the standard v50.

- In the context of the regulation of passive houses, we need the net volume of the entire test area. The result is the standard n50.

If you need the result of air leakage expressed in m³ h (V50) or if the test is only intended to search for leakage, we do not need this information.

Housing Preparation:

We need to close the ventilation ducts in your home with a special kit. For this, it is necessary to ensure that the ducts outlets or inlets are easily accessible and removable. To meet the passive standard or EPC standard we use the method A. If you want to use method B, thank you to make all closures or fillings you want before the appointment. Method B does not provide a report in accordance within the EPB or passive regulation.

The blower door test can be performed at any stage of construction or renovation as long as the test zone is closed (doors and windows installed). It is preferable to perform a blower door test before the first finishes in order to easily overcome the leakiness. However, it is recommended to do the final test when all these tasks are completed: insulation, ventilation, heating, hot water, electricity, plastering.

If you have a fireplace, you must remove ashes from the hearth.

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