The gas installation inspection or gas installation compliance or CERGA report can be executed in all regions in Belgium (Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia).

In what case do I have to do a gas installation inspection?
What is the price of a gas inspection?
The preparation of our visit

In what case do I have to do a gas installation inspection?

This control is required before commissioning or in case of extension of the gas system.
It is an obligation in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. We can give you our report in French or Dutch.

It is also possible that your insurance, your bank, or some agencies like the Fonds du logement, ask you to perform this check to validate the conformity of your installation.

What is the price of a gas inspection?

The price for a gas inspection is 215 Euros VAT included.

This rate is valid for the inspection of a standard installation such as a house or an apartment.

If you have a more complex gas system, such as: more than one gas meter, a restaurant, a warehouse, a shop, please contact us for a price quote.

The preparation of our visit:

VERY IMPORTANT: if the gas meter is closed, it is essential to check the presence of a tee located on the pipes and after the gas meter in order to perform a leak test. Click here to see an example of tees.

- Each pipe awaiting connection of a device must be closed by a cap.

- The entire system must be easily accessible.

- The isometric diagram of the gas installation from the meter gas. Click here to see an example of isometric diagram.
This diagram should be available in case of a new installation or if the gas meter is closed. It is normally the contractor who performed the installation who provides it.
In the event that the isometric diagram is not available on site, to be able for us to make it for you free of charge (see current promotion it is imperative that:
- or 100% of the gas pipes are visible.
- or that the owner of the installation is capable at the time of the appointment and unequivocally to describe the routing of the pipes, their lengths and their diameters.


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