According to the European Directive and the Ordinance on energy performance and indoor climate, public building that occupy space on an area of over 250 m², are required to display on the front door or in the main lobby of the building, an energy performance certificate.

The rules relating to the EPB certificate for building public are subject to the Government Order of 27 May 2010.

Feel free to contact us for more information, by telephone on 0486 68 56 77, by email email certibruor via our contact form.

How to be sure that you are authorized to establish an EPB certificate for building public?

We are approved by Brussels Environment (IBGE - BIM) to make building public EPB certificate (public authorities and institutions providing public services) since 25 February 2013, under the ID number 0468992. Our Accreditation Number is CPUPP-001190481.

Here is the line where we are listed on Brussels Environment website: Liste des certificateurs PEB bâtiments publics.

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Rue Gabrielle Petit 47
Tél : 0486/68.56.77
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001190481Agrément valide  


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Sylvain Thouvenel
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1080 Brussels, Belgium

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0486 68 56 77
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Brussels Environment Accreditation

EPB Residential
Accreditation Number: CREPP-001026326
Date of Accreditation: 22 May 2011

EPB Tertiary
Accreditation Number: CTEPP-001181893
Date of Accreditation: 3 December 2012

EPB Public Building
Accreditation Number: CPUPP-001190481
Date of Accreditation: 25 February 2013

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Company number: 0835.932.142
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